Chris Wells


Hello. My name is Clint Wells. I live in Nashville, TN where I make music and read books and watch David Lynch films and other neat things. I spend most of my time traveling the world playing guitar for wonderful bands and artists. I’m also a songwriter with Rough Trade Publishing and a session multi-instrumentalist.

My musical heroes are Mike Campbell, Daniel Lanois, Neil Young and Prince. In 4th grade I got into trouble for singing the Prince song “Seven” at the top of my lungs in class. In my eleventh grade yearbook picture I’m wearing a vintage Metallica “…And Justice For All” tour shirt. This may explain why I didn’t have a girlfriend that year.

For several years now I’ve been in my friend Bob Schneider’s songwriting group (you can read about it in this NPR piece). Every week we write a song that has to contain a certain phrase in the lyric. It’s a wonderful and creative group of people sharing music purely for the sake of writing and honing their craft. I upload my songs to Soundcloud every week. You can hear them over at Original Music. To see current tour dates check the tab that says (you guessed it!) Tour Dates.

Thanks for stopping by. Maybe one day we’ll make music together. Or maybe we’ll stand next to one another in a New York City subway and never know it. Life is weird. Peace.