Chris Stamey

  • began recording career in 1963 with a mono Sony reel-to-reel, playing “radar” and off-the-air tapes of The Man from U.N.C.L.E. backward.
  • while playing bass, cello, and guitar in a multitude of high school bands, learned the basics of sound capture by operating a basement four-track studio in Winston-Salem, NC, with future producer Mitch Easter.
  • studied composition and music theory at UNC–Chapel Hill with Roger Hannay, while assisting producer Don Dixon in various live and studio recording projects
  • self-released Sneakers, one of the very first American indie records, in 1976
  • relocated to New York to play and record with Alex Chilton in the burgeoning CBGB’s rock scene
  • started Car Records, 1977; among the label’s releases: “I Am the Cosmos,” by Chris Bell
  • formed the dB’s with fellow Carolinians Will Rigby, Gene Holder, and Peter Holsapple; made several acclaimed records, including Stands for deciBels (self-produced) and Repercussion (produced by Scott Litt)
  • active in New York, London, and Paris throughout the eighties as solo artist (It’s Alright, Fireworks [Coyote/A&M]), producer (Pylon, Yo La Tengo), musician (Matthew Sweet, Bob Mould, Golden Palominos, Yo La Tengo)
  • made Mavericks, well-received collaboration and coproduction with Peter Holsapple, in 1992;
  • relocated to Chapel Hill in 1993; began Modern Recording in 1996, resuming production work. First project was Whiskeytown (with Ryan Adams & Caitlin Cary).


Chris Stamey The Great Escape

The Great Escape
She Might Look My Way
Here's How We Start Again
I Will Try
Dear Friend
Greensboro Days
Back in New York
The Sweetheart of the Video
The Catherine's Wheel
I'm a Prisoner of This) Hopeless Love
The One and Only (Van Dyke Parks) (Bonus Track)

Chris Stamey Greensboro Days

Greensboro Days

Chris Stamey Euphoria

Universe-sized Arms
Where Does the Time Go?
Make Up Your Mind
Awake in the World
Dear Valentine
When the Fever Breaks
You Are Beautiful

Chris Stamey Lovesick Blues

You n Me n XTC
I Wrote This Song For You
The Room Above the Bookstore
Occasional Shivers
Lovesick Blues
If Memory Serves

Chris Stamey V​.​O​.​T​.​E. (with Yo La Tengo)

V.O.T.E (public service announcement)
Shapes of Things
Plainest Thing
Compared to What
The Summer Sun
Sleepless Nights
McCauley Street (Let's Go Downtown)
Desperate Man
Sleepless Nights again
Summer Sun