Chris Stamey

  • began recording career in 1963 with a mono Sony reel-to-reel, playing “radar” and off-the-air tapes of The Man from U.N.C.L.E. backward.
  • while playing bass, cello, and guitar in a multitude of high school bands, learned the basics of sound capture by operating a basement four-track studio in Winston-Salem, NC, with future producer Mitch Easter.
  • studied composition and music theory at UNC–Chapel Hill with Roger Hannay, while assisting producer Don Dixon in various live and studio recording projects
  • self-released Sneakers, one of the very first American indie records, in 1976
  • relocated to New York to play and record with Alex Chilton in the burgeoning CBGB’s rock scene
  • started Car Records, 1977; among the label’s releases: “I Am the Cosmos,” by Chris Bell
  • formed the dB’s with fellow Carolinians Will Rigby, Gene Holder, and Peter Holsapple; made several acclaimed records, including Stands for deciBels (self-produced) and Repercussion (produced by Scott Litt)
  • active in New York, London, and Paris throughout the eighties as solo artist (It’s Alright, Fireworks [Coyote/A&M]), producer (Pylon, Yo La Tengo), musician (Matthew Sweet, Bob Mould, Golden Palominos, Yo La Tengo)
  • made Mavericks, well-received collaboration and coproduction with Peter Holsapple, in 1992;
  • relocated to Chapel Hill in 1993; began Modern Recording in 1996, resuming production work. First project was Whiskeytown (with Ryan Adams & Caitlin Cary).