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Jayden Nicole Binnix, professionally known as Black Polish, is an accomplished musician who embarked on their musical journey at a young age. With a passion for writing and producing music, Jayden began honing their skills at the age of 13. Influenced by a diverse range of artists including Twenty One Pilots, Fleetwood Mac, Nicki Minaj, Melanie Martinez, and Mitski, Jayden’s musical style encompasses a rich blend of genres and inspirations.

In 2020, at the age of 15, Jayden released their first song titled “Sophie,” marking the beginning of their artistic career. Building on this early success, they went on to release their debut EP “Out of Place” in 2021, showcasing their talents as a singer/songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. The EP garnered significant attention, earning Black Polish a place on prominent Spotify playlists such as New Music Friday, Fresh Finds Indie, and Lorem, among others.

Continuing to make waves in the music industry, Black Polish is set to release their latest single “Purple Skies” on July 14, 2023. This recording is a collaboration with many long-time creative partners including writers Maia Kelly and Taylor Jamison, producer Ryan Raines, mixer Yianni AP, and mastering engineer Thèo Quayle. This upcoming release further demonstrates their artistic growth and commitment to crafting captivating and evocative music.

Black Polish’s music has resonated with audiences worldwide, as evidenced by their inclusion on more than 25 Spotify playlists, ranging from New Music Friday to All New Indie, Feel-Good Indie Rock, and Indie Gaming. Their talents extend beyond their solo work, as they collaborated with Brett “Leland” McLaughlin, Ryan Raines, and Gabe Reali to write and perform “Armageddon,” a track featured in the Netflix series Love, Victor in early 2022.

In pursuit of their musical ambitions, Jayden made the significant decision to relocate from Maryland to Los Angeles, immersing themselves in the vibrant music scene and establishing connections with like-minded collaborators. Shortly after settling in Los Angeles, they made their live performance debut with a full band at the downtown Make Out Music venue. This was followed by an appearance at the We Found New Music concert series, solidifying their presence as an exciting live performer.

Black Polish’s talent and hard work have not gone unnoticed. As a high school senior at the age of 17, they achieved a significant milestone, reaching their 5,000,000th stream in the spring of 2023. This impressive accomplishment served as a testament to their growing fanbase and the impact of their music. Soon after, upon turning 18 and graduating from high school, Jayden signed their first recording and publishing agreements with esteemed music entities, Riptide Music Group and Rough Trade Publishing, further paving the way for their future endeavors.

With a unique musical style, an unwavering dedication to their craft, and a string of successful releases, Black Polish continues to captivate audiences and solidify their place in the music industry as a rising talent to watch.


Black Polish Forest

tears are falling
purple skies

Black Polish Out Of Place EP

Baby Tonight
Sad Lesbians
Let's Go on a Trip
Soft Killing