Black Mountain

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Stephen McBean
Amber Erica Webber
Joshua Mark Wells
Matthew Camirand
Jeremy Schmidt

The rock canon has many anti-heroes, Black Mountain being the latest. In the past, Can’s ‘Tago Mago’ established that the only rule in rock and roll is that there are no rules. Delinquent proto-metallers Black Sabbath demonstrated that you can make a lot from not that much. Now Black Mountain teach us that you don’t have to be afraid of the past to move bravely into the future.


Black Mountain Destroyer

Future Shade
Horns Arising
Closer to the Edge
High Rise
Pretty Little Lazies
Boogie Lover
Licensed to Drive

Black Mountain IV

Mothers of the Sun
Florian Saucer Attack
You Can Dream
Line Them All Up
Cemetery Breeding
(Over and Over) The Chain
Crucify Me
Space to Bakersfield

Black Mountain Black Mountain (10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)

Modern Music
Don't Run Our Hearts Around
No Satisfaction
Set Us Free
No Hits
Heart of Snow
Faulty Times
Druganaut [Extended Remix]
Buffalo Swan
Bicycle Man
Behind the Fall
Set Us Free [Demo]
Black Mountain [Demo]
No Satisfaction [UK Radio]
It Wasn't Arson

Black Mountain Year Zero: The Original Soundtrack

Phosphorescent Waves
Bright Lights
Mary Lou
Embrace Euphoria
Modern Music
In Sequence
Wilderness Heart

Black Mountain Wilderness Heart

The Hair Song
Old Fangs
Radiant Hearts
Let Spirits Ride
Buried by the Blues
The Way to Gone
Wilderness Heart
The Space of Your Mind

Black Mountain In the Future

Stormy High
Stay Free
Queens Will Play
Evil Ways
Wild Wind
Bright Lights
Night Walks