Annabel Alpers

“Annabel Alpers, the songwriter from New Zealand who’s behind the studio concoctions of Bachelorette, is fascinated by the way things work: cities, androids, relationships, life and death, “the neural pathways in my brain.” Her fascination with systems and mechanisms dovetails with her music, which loops and layers her voice and instruments into lofty pop edifices, pulsating and chiming in radiant major chords. The songs on her new Bachelorette album, “My Electric Family” (Drag City), aren’t as entirely self-made as her previous work; they incorporate other musicians on guitars and drums, only enriching her reveries. The songs hint at girl groups, the Beatles, electro, Abba and Minimalism; they often start simply and spiral outward like cotton candy in the making. While her lyrics worry about technology – “It might make things seem easier for now, but where will it end?” – her music overcomes her misgivings every time she moves into another blissful chorale of airy la-las and da-da-das.” – New York Times


Bachelorette Bachelorette

Grow Old With Me
The Light Seekers
Polarity Party
The Last Boat's Leaving
Tui Tui
Digital Brain
Generous Spectre
Not Entertainment

Bachelorette Isolation Loops

Duet Minus One
A Lifetime
Intergalactic Solitude
And the Earth Knew Absence
Subatomic Pop
Your Magic Air
Complex History of a Dying Star
Holding Back One

Bachelorette My Electric Family

Instructions for Insomniacs
The National Grid
Her Rotating Head
Technology Boy
Dream Sequence
Long Time Gone
Where to Begin
Mercurial Man
Little Bird Tell Lies