Alana Yorke


Alana Yorke

Armed with a strong musical vision and unafraid of bold sonic choices, Alana Yorke steers her music deftly between sparkly synth-pop, grand cinematic gestures, and stripped-down intimacy. With dream-like vocals and a minimalist piano style, Alana Yorke combines irresistible hooks and captivating rhythmic patterns to draw listeners into her hypnotic and beautiful world. Raised on mid-80’s synth-pop (Kate Bush, Gowan, Enya) and standing on the shoulders of musical visionaries from Philip Glass to Beach House, Yorke is poised to emerge as an exciting new voice in Canadian independent music.


Alana Yorke Dream Magic

The Wichita Years
Start Over Again
Song Of The Piano Man
Time Revisited
Forbidden / Hidden Man