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Sean Bonnette

For their sixth album, garbage-pop veterans AJJ chose to reinforce their strengths and leave any limp frivolities behind. They reconvened with producer John Congleton (St. Vincent, Xiu Xiu, Chelsea Wolfe), who oversaw 2014’s sonically expansive Christmas Island, but recorded and mixed the album in a mere nine days, having arranged most of the songs during tour sound checks and down-time in the van. This made for a confident stride into more elaborate arrangements and wider dynamics while staying just as dour. They also opted, amid some sensation, for the simplified band acronym (previously Andrew Jackson Jihad). Singer Sean Bonnette told The A.V. Club that, among many reasons, the change cleared a space for new imagery and allowed their music to define them, not their band name.

As a result, their new album, The Bible 2, is their most ambitious and assured collection of scuzzy punk screeds, employing even more production heft while sparing none of the vulnerability. The album’s mantra is placed right at the center: “No More Shame, No More Fear, No More Dread”. The Bible 2 finds the band choosing intimacy over isolation, gravity over the vacuum, the stage instead of the scene. The album is also an examination of boyhood from an adult distance, putting some of its tumult and pain to rest.

It’s also the most impressive work of Bonnette’s, who has honed his confessional lyrical prowess into a punk inflected mire of Trent Reznor’s unrestrained turmoil, Jamie Stewart’s profane gallows humor and a touch of David Berman’s surreal quotidian imagery.


AJJ only God can judge me and more

Darkest Heart
Jesus Saves
Human Kittens
Growing Up
Candle in the Wind
Guilt: The Song
I Am So Mad at You
El Principito
We Shall All Die Alone Someday
Forest Fire
Let Us Get Murdered
All the Dead Kids
Power Plant
This is Why I'm Hot
We're all Gonna Die

AJJ Back In The Jazz Coffin

American Body Rentals
Blood, Hatred, Money and Rage 2
Border Patrol (Yuma)
My Crooked Leg

AJJ The Bible 2

Cody's Theme
Golden Eagle
Junkie Church
American Garbage
No More Shame, No More Fear, No More Dread
Goodbye, Oh Goodbye
White Worms
My Brain Is A Human Body
Small Red Boy
When I'm A Dead Boy

AJJ Christmas Island

Temple Grandin
Children of God
Do, Re, and Me
Coffin Dance
Getting Naked, Playing with Guns
I Wanna Rock Out In My Dreams
Kokopelli Face Tattoo
Best Friend
Linda Ronstadt
Temple Grandin Too
Angel of Death

AJJ Knife Man

The Michael Jordan of Drunk Driving
Gift of the Magi 2: Return of the Magi
American Tune
Back Pack
Fucc the Devil
Hate, Rain on Me
If You Have Love in Your Heart
No One
Sad Songs (Intermission)
Zombie by the Cranberries by Andrew Jackson Jihad
People II 2: Still Peoplin'
Sorry Bro
Skate Park
Free Bird
Big Bird

AJJ Can’t Maintain

Self Esteem
Love in the Time of Human Papillomavirus
You Don't Deserve Yourself
Olde(y) Tyme(y)
Kazoo Sonata in Cmaj
We Didn't Come Here to Rock
Love Will Fuck Us Apart
Sense, Sensibility
Who Are You?
Whit Face, Black Eyes

AJJ People Who Can Eat People Are the Luckiest People in the World

Brave As a Noun
Survival Song
Bad Bad Things
No More Tears
Bells & Whistles
Randy's House
A Song Dedicated to the Memory of Stormy the Rabbit
People II: The Reckoning
Personal Space Invader

AJJ Candy Cigarettes & Cap Guns

Cigarette Song
Love Song
Dad Song
God Made Dirt
Lady Killer
Love Song II
Most Aborted Father
Dylan Cook's Theme Song